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Which HVAC System Does Your Virginia Home Need?

We all know that Virginia’s weather can range from humid, oppressive summers to icy, treacherous winters. Is your home’s HVAC system prepared to keep up with seasonal extremes?

At ARS Rescue Rooter HVAC company in Virginia, we want to make sure you’re well-equipped year-round. With four different types of systems to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your home’s needs. Each system has its own functionality and set of benefits, so you can choose the option that will best work for you, with a little help from Virginia’s leading experts on HVAC units. We’ve been in business for years, working to provide Arlington, Manassas, and other areas in Virginia, with unbeatable service and a commitment to excellence.

Heat and air split system

A split HVAC system has working parts on both the inside and outside of your home. One of the most widely used systems in the US, these high-functioning units are composed of basic parts that make the whole system run flawlessly. These units will come with basic air conditioning and heating elements, as well as ductwork that runs throughout your home or building to provide conditioned air to every room. An air conditioner to cool the refrigerant, a heating element, a fan or coil to circulate the air, and a thermostat are its basic components; though there are attachments available, such as purifiers and humidifiers. This allows them to be tailored to your needs, and these highly efficient systems are excellent for quickly cooling or warming your home with little hassle. Plus, they’re relatively easy for our experts to install, which will save you money on time and labor.

Hybrid heat system

One of the more innovative and efficient options to hit the market is the hybrid HVAC system. Similar to the traditional heat and air split systems, the hybrid unit will come with a heating element, such as a furnace, refrigerant, evaporator coils, ductwork throughout your home, and a temperature-controlling interface. However, what makes this HVAC system particularly unique and desirable is its energy efficiency. With the hybrid system, you’ll also have a heat pump and the power to control what energy source fuels the heat pump: either gas or electricity. Being able to manually control the source of energy for the heat pump in this system allows you have maximum control over the level of energy efficiency that you experience, which can greatly reduce the costs of cooling or heating your home. This system is ideal for areas like Virginia, which are susceptible to chaotic and freezing winters, because the hybrid system can handle the increased demand for usage without making your energy bills soar. They’re highly effective and efficient, so they’re being sought out more and more by homeowners, particularly in our area.

Duct-free split heat and air system

If you don’t have the room for a ductwork system in your home or building, then this is the system for you. Ductless systems still have the key components of a quality HVAC system – heat pump or air conditioner, compact fan coil, thermostat or control panel, and customizable options like purifiers. Unique to this system, though, are tubing and wires that connect the outdoor unit to the fan for air distribution. These systems are perfect for those who don’t have much space for ductwork to be placed, and they come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Beyond that, they can be used in conjunction with a more traditional HVAC system to help heat or cool especially large homes, and some may be eligible for tax credits and utility rebates. This is something that we at ARS, as your HVAC company, can go over with you, so that you find the ideal system for your home.

Packaged heat and air system

For those with smaller spaces in need of heating and cooling, we recommend a packaged heat and air system. This type of HVAC system is compact, with all of the essential elements integrated into one unit, saving you space. An air conditioner and heat pump are combined into one unit for multi-purpose conditioning, along with the other basic components – evaporator, fan coil, and thermostat control system. The biggest benefit offered by this system is the ability to still effectively heat or cool your home without taking up needed space.

ARS to the rescue

Let ARS Rescue Rooter be the HVAC company you choose for your heating and cooling needs. We’re committed to making lives better, all through our partnership with St. Jude, our ARS Cares program, and the quality work that we do. Our team is highly-trained and driven to provide exceptional service to every customer, every time. If you’re still unsure of which system will work best for your needs, we can help you make the right call.

Start by calling us today. Free consultations are available.

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