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You rely on the components of your HVAC system for home comfort throughout the year. While the top cause of HVAC repair calls in Fairfax is a lack of maintenance, even a well-maintained heating and cooling system can sustain wear during normal use that requires HVAC repair for improved function and comfort. One of the best ways to keep your home’s comfort system in good shape is to know the signs that you need HVAC repair and call your heating and cooling service promptly for assistance if you do notice a change in appliance function. Addressing small problems early will reduce overall strain and damage to your system, improving its energy efficiency and longevity so you can enjoy a comfortable home and many years of return on your HVAC investments.

Noisy Operation

While you can expect some noise when your furnace or air conditioning activates, there is a difference between the normal levels of noise you associate with your HVAC system and an increase or change in the type of sounds you hear. Rumbling and banging from your furnace usually indicate the need for professional cleaning, while whining, squealing, and grinding from your air handler associated with either your furnace or air conditioning signify failing parts that require replacement. As soon as you notice any change in the type of noise coming from your HVAC system, contact a professional technician for an evaluation.

Constant Cycling

Over time, you can expect your furnace or air conditioner to turn on and off as your thermostat regulates the temperature inside your home based on your preferred settings. However, an HVAC system that cycles constantly, turning on for just a short period of time before turning off again and repeating the process a short time later, means your furnace or air conditioner isn’t functioning efficiently. Constant cycling means your home never really reaches your desired set temperature, while your HVAC system continues to struggle and your thermostat keeps prompting additional action. This process can drastically increase your energy bills and affect your comfort at home, and can often be solved quickly by a professional, who can check the condition and settings on your thermostat and your HVAC appliances.

Poor Airflow

When you hold your hand in front of an air register while your HVAC system works, you should expect to feel a consistent, steady flow of heated or cooled air. If you can’t feel much or any air at all, it means there is an airflow problem affecting your HVAC system that requires professional attention. Airflow issues can arise from several causes, including a dirty furnace filter, dirt and dust buildup inside your HVAC appliances or ductwork, or even blocked or leaking ducts that prevent conditioned air from reaching your living spaces. All of these issues will cause a severe drop in HVAC efficiency, reducing home comfort and increasing your monthly energy costs; your HVAC repair service can quickly identify the cause of this problem and eliminate it for a comfortable and efficient home once more.

If you need HVAC repair in Fairfax, VA, we are ready to assist you with complete heating and cooling solutions that include maintenance, repair, and even system replacement to restore home comfort. Our HVAC repair technicians offer 24-hour service seven days a week, as well as free in-home consultation services to help you assess your home heating and cooling needs. Please visit our website to reach us or to learn more about our HVAC services, or take a look through our monthly blog for more home heating and cooling tips.

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