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Air Duct Cleaning: Is It Worth the Investment?

Air duct cleaning is a controversial topic in the world of HVAC. Groups like the National Air Duct Cleaners Association argue that a regular scrubbing of your air ducts can help relieve symptoms of asthma and other respiratory issues. Organizations like the EPA, on the other hand, downplay the importance of air duct cleaning in favor of other ways to improve indoor air quality.

Before you decide whether air duct cleaning is right for your Manassas, VA home, learn more about this common HVAC practice in the following guide:

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?
Air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of the different components of a forced air heating and cooling system. That includes air ducts in addition to registers, grilles, heat exchangers, cooling coils, and a range of other components. To clean your air ducts in Manassas, a technician will typically use specialized tools to dislodge dirt, dust, mold, and other contaminants. He or she will then use a vacuum to clear away the dislodged material. Many services add in an anti-microbial fog treatment to eliminate bacteria and fungi.

How Do Air Ducts Become Dirty?
Many homeowners take great steps to keep contaminants out of their HVAC system. Air filters, mold remediation, and even regular vacuuming and cleaning can help keep your indoor air clean. Nonetheless, many HVAC systems remain vulnerable to contamination—especially those that were poorly designed or installed. Pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander can begin to accumulate in air ducts over time. If air ducts are exposed to moisture, the growth of mold is more likely.

How Often Is Air Duct Cleaning Needed?
There is no established schedule recommended for air duct cleanings in your Manassas home. Many experts will recommend that you clean air ducts whenever they become dirty. “Dirty,” in this case, would mean the buildup of contaminants to the point that they risk becoming dislodged and entering into the air you breathe. The EPA recommends scheduling an air duct cleaning whenever mold growth is present, ducts are infested with vermin, or whenever ducts are contaminated with a large amount of dust and other materials.

Who Should You Hire for Air Duct Cleaning?
There are many air duct cleaning companies in the Manassas area that offer these services, but you need to be careful with who you select. A failure to clean all components of your HVAC system can easily lead to the re-contamination of air ducts soon after cleaning. Be sure to agree ahead of time with your HVAC service to provide a thorough cleaning of each part of your HVAC system.

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