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Home heating and cooling technology have experienced great leaps and bounds in terms of delivering comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. When it’s time to call for Alexandria furnace replacement, you have many options available to you in terms of modern furnace technology. Choosing an energy-efficient furnace to replace an older model will instantly deliver greater home comfort and energy savings you’ll see every month. Your HVAC service can help you evaluate your options to choose the right product for furnace replacement.

Variable-Speed Air Handlers

An air handler is a crucial component of any forced air heating system. As the furnace creates heat, the air handler moves the heated air up into your ducts, then pushes the air through the ductwork to the air registers located throughout your home. In the past, air handlers only had two settings: on and off. While this type of unit is both common and effective, it is not the most energy-efficient way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. A variable-speed air handler is capable of blowing air into your ducts at two or more speeds; when you first set your thermostat, the air handler will activate at a higher speed to quickly reach the temperature you want. As soon as your home’s temperature is close to your desired set point, the air handler slows its speed to maintain a more constant temperature without the need to consume as much energy as higher-speed function.

Modulating Furnaces

Modulating furnaces are designed to improve comfort levels throughout your home by reducing temperature fluctuations. Like a variable-speed air handler, modulating furnaces use technology to modulate or change the amount of heat produced by regulating the flow of gas into the furnace. These heating appliances can “choose” to run between 35-100% of their total heating capacity, making instantaneous changes as directed by your desired thermostat setting and the current temperature throughout your home. Using this process, a modulating furnace can maintain the temperature in your home to within half a degree of your desired set point at all times. Modulating furnaces typically operate more often than traditional furnaces, with the majority of operating time spent at only a percentage of the furnace’s total capacity. Although these furnaces are constantly running, they avoid the energy-robbing cycle of turning off and on again, which uses even more energy than consistent low-level operation.

Are you ready to discover how comfortable your home can become with a properly-sized and installed furnace? If you need to schedule Alexandria furnace replacement, our professionals can help you assess your current and future heating needs to find exactly the right technology to heat your home without excess cost. We’ll also assist you with professional furnace installation, cleaning, maintenance, and repair, so you’ll never need to worry about heating breakdowns or high energy bills. You can check out our blog for even more on the latest heating and cooling technology, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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