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Professional Water Treatment and Testing in Manassas

Clean, safe drinking water is something we all need, but easily take for granted when we turn on the tap. In reality, most tap water coming from local city lines is treated with chemicals, sometimes passes through very old pipelines, and runs “hard,” or containing high levels of mineral particles. All of these factors affect the way your home tap water tastes and smells, as well as impacts your skin when you shower and wash clothes or your bathroom when water residue builds up around showers and sinks. ARS Manassas can help you improve the quality of water in your home with professional water testing and treatment.

Water treatments for hard water

Hard water is very common in Northern Virginia city water. Tiny mineral particles like potassium, lime, and chlorine travel through the tap and slowly recrystallized into the white, scaly deposits you find on your fixtures. Even if you write this buildup off as only something annoying to clean from time to time, the same process is also happening inside the pipes and the motorized systems in your washing machine, garbage disposal, water heater, dishwasher, etc. This can shorten the lifespan of expensive household appliances, turn laundry gray and stiff, and damage the metal sinks and showerheads around the house.

A water softener is a natural solution that relies on sodium chloride (salt) to break up the mineral particles, and it’s a simple and affordable solution from ARS Manassas to save you money on household repairs and replacements on everything from water heaters to clothing.

Pure drinking water

It’s not a pleasant thought, but it’s possible for dirt, chemicals, minerals, chlorine, and even parasites or bacteria to travel through your pipes and into your drinking water. ARS Manassas will help you protect your household with water purification systems that target whichever threats are most prevalent in your own running water. Our water filtration system are designed to your unique household needs, and could include a filter at the sink itself or within the water main to treat all running water before it enters your home. During a consultation, we’ll discuss the quality of your current tap water and choose an option together that addresses drinking water, water for washing clothes, bathroom showers and sinks, and more.

Other helpful services from ARS Manassas

Customers around Northern Virginia choose ARS Manassas as their handyman team because we do more than just water filtration. You can call on us for a range of common household repairs and maintenance, taking the research and hassle out of finding the most qualified team for the job—or for several projects at once! Learn more about our other services and schedule a visit to handle all your needs at one time by checking out some of our other service pages:

Give your family the gift of clean and pure tap water!