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Sump Pump Repair and Service in Manassas, VA

Virginia is composed of a lot of lowland areas leading right to the coast. Homes in low-lying and those with basements often use sump pumps to keep the lowest parts of the house dry and avoid mold, mildew, or flooding. If your home has a sump pump, please contact ARS Manassas to help you maintain or repair it. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can prevent much bigger problems that come with a damp basement.

How your sump pump works

A functioning sump pump is a valuable line of defense around the clock that eliminates the worry of a flooded basement by keeping moisture away from your home and belongings. Sump pumps are fairly straightforward systems that offer peace of mind to homeowners or renters concerned about a flooded basement or crawl space—especially after a big rain or snowstorm. Most sump pumps usually have three primary components that work together to detect and eliminate excess water before you end up with a wet basement and mold. If any of these parts aren’t working correctly, you need a professional to ensure you get the protection you should have.

First, there are two kinds of sump pit: lined and gravel. The sump pit is located in the lowest part of the property, usually in a corner of your basement or crawlspace where water would normally collect. The pit houses the pump itself. A lined pit drains water from the soil around your home via a physical drain, while gravel pits absorb water from the nearby terrain. For safety and appearance, sump pits usually have a flat cover on top.

Next, a float (or switching device) is responsible for monitoring the level of water inside the sump pit. When the water level begins to increase, the switch is triggered and the sump pump is activated.

Finally, the sump pump itself is activated by the float and will begin to draw water out of the pit and then expel it through a drainage pipe that leads outdoors, away from your home. The pump may be submerged in the pit or placed on a short pedestal to keep it above the water. The pump will work 24/7 to prevent flooding and push water out until the float is low enough that it deactivates the pump mechanism.

Sump Pump Repairs and Parts For Manassas Homes

ARS Manassas offers sump pump repairs for homeowners in Northern Virginia because we understand the serious financial and mental burden of recovering from a flooded basement or crawlspace. You never have to worry about having a wet basement with a safe and effective sump pump working every day, all day, whether you’re at home or not. Contact us today for an in-home estimate for any of our plumbing or HVAC services. We believe that you should be able to confidently use your basement for entertainment or even storage, knowing that your belongings are always safe and dry.

Contact ARS Manassas today for fast service!