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Clearing Sewer Lines Across Manassas and Northern Virginia

Sewer lines are the main pipes that carry dirty water and waste away from your home, keeping it sanitary and dry. That means that a simple clog in the pipe is worth paying attention to right away, because when the sewer lines can’t function properly, they quickly start to threaten the health and safety of your home. ARS Manassas is always on-call to visit homes and businesses across Northern Virginia when you need a professional to find and solve a problem before the damage gets much worse.

Video inspections

When something is broken, clogged, or leaking along the sewer lines on your property, peering down the drain doesn’t help much. ARS Manassas uses professional tools to scope out the pipe and spot the damage or issue, meaning we can repair the line faster and more accurately. Our mobile team of certified plumbers often relies on a real-time digital video feed from a tiny camera inserted into the pipe, which allows us to see the inside of the pipe several feet deep where a leak, bad seal, broken pipe, clog, or rust could be lurking. These inspections save you,  our customer, time and money so we can get right to work!

When to call a professional plumber from ARS Manassas

While you can’t physically see a problem with a sewer line below your house or buried in the backyard, you’ll still be able to spot warning signs that warrant a call to our team for closer inspection with our video equipment.

First, watch the flow of water out through drains and toilets in your home. If it’s slow to drain, or slower than usual, there may be a blockage somewhere along the line that’s preventing a free flow away from your property. The same is true if you notice low water pressure. In a shower, it means there may be a problem with the clean water mains into your home, but in a toilet for example, it could be related to a leak or broken pipe in the sewer lines.

If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from any drain that doesn’t go away when you flush or run the garbage disposal, contact our team to see if there is a blockage in the pipe somewhere.

Why repairing a sewer line is even more important than caring for the water main

A backed up or broken pipe anywhere in your home can cause water damage behind the walls you won’t see until the problem is severe, or they can flood a room quickly. In either case, water can mean expensive repairs, but gray or black water from a backed up sewer line is a far more serious problem. Sewage water is often classified as a biohazard, and your belongings or furniture will have to be thrown out—there’s no cleaning or salvaging after a biohazard flood.

Call our team today for a pipe inspection or repair!