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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

Getting air duct cleaning in Fairfax, Sterling, and Manassas, VA is one of the smartest investments you can make to protect your family. It helps to eliminate or decrease the build-up of dust, dirt, pollen, dust mites, mildew, fungi, and bacteria that may be in your ducts. If these contaminants reside in your ducts, they are being pulled into your duct system and dispersed into your air every time your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner operates. Over time, this unhealthy air circulation can cause an increase in sickness and respiratory problems for your family members.

ARS technician with satisfied customer

Exceptional Service

At ARS, we use a HEPA VAC machine designed specifically for air duct cleaning in your Fairfax, Sterling and Manassas, VA home. We can also add an anti-microbial fog treatment afterward that will sanitize germs, bacteria, and fungus. This fog treatment lasts for about 6 months before it should be repeated.

If your family seems to be suffering more from allergies, asthma, headaches, sleep problems and other respiratory problems, air duct cleaning for your Fairfax, Sterling or Manassas home could help. Call (888) 242-4277 today for more information or request an appointment online.

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