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Rely on Our Heating System Replacement Expertise

If you’re considering the investment of a new furnace or heat pump to reduce your energy usage, ARS/Rescue Rooter Virginia can help. Whether your current heating system is inoperable, or you’d like to explore more energy-efficient options, we provide effective HVAC solutions with new heating installations in Manassas, Fairfax, Alexandria, and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia. Our comfort consultants are industry experts and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about heating system replacements. Please contact us today to request a free consultation!

Why Would I Need a Heating System Replacement?

There are many reasons why you would need a heating system replacement. If you have an older furnace, it is more likely to break down and require furnace repairs. Furnaces last anywhere from 10-25 years on average. If you constantly need to adjust the thermostat or require HVAC repairs often, it’s probably time to consider a replacement. Are you unsure where to begin when searching for a new HVAC system? Because every home is different, our comfort consultants will listen to your needs and examine your home’s floor plan to tailor a heating system recommendation for you.

We’ll provide you with various HVAC unit options, including furnaces and heat pumps, and inform you of the pros and cons of each. Since up to 50% of your home’s energy costs may go toward the heating and HVAC system in your Manassas home, we may recommend high-efficiency equipment, programmable thermostats, or zoning control options. Not only are many of these HVAC systems applicable for tax credits and utility rebates, but they’ll also save you money in energy bills every month. A high-efficiency system can pay for itself in utility savings over the life of the equipment.

Is HVAC Maintenance Important for a New HVAC System?

Technician working on furnace

No matter the age of your HVAC system, we recommend getting it inspected every spring and fall to address minor issues before they become more severe. Dirty air filters, HVAC unit leaks, and faulty thermostats are all things our HVAC technicians are trained to recognize and fix. Taking care of your new HVAC system from the get-go ensures you’ll get the most from your investment. While there are no guarantees as to how long your HVAC unit will last before it needs a repair or replacement, ARS/Rescue Rooter Virginia does offer an Exceptional Service Guarantee. If you’re ever dissatisfied with our new HVAC system installation or replacement in your Manassas, VA home, we’ll make every effort to meet your expectations if it’s within one year of your service date (certain conditions may apply).

Why Choose ARS/Rescue Rooter Virginia for HVAC Service?

ARS/Rescue Rooter Virginia has served thousands of homeowners across Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. When you call us for your HVAC system installation or replacement in the Manassas area, you can expect to receive service from a courteous, well-trained team of HVAC technicians. Our comfort consultants also take the time to listen to your needs when making product recommendations. Check out our testimonials as evidence of our excellent customer service. We also take exceptional care of our customers with some of the best home service plans for HVAC systems and equipment found in the state of Virginia. Any time you have an issue with your HVAC unit, it’s comforting to know you have a trusted HVAC company you can call for furnace service or installation. Two seasonal HVAC tune-ups are included in your plan, and you’ll also receive priority service and preferred pricing.

Indoor Air and Heating in Manassas

In addition, if you have air quality or moisture control issues, or if anyone in your family has allergies, respiratory issues, or dry scalp and skin, we may recommend such things as humidifiers, air filters, and more. These items don’t cost much, but they provide substantial benefits for particular situations and families.

A new heat pump or furnace replacement can provide the comfortable environment and energy savings you’ve been searching for. Call (888) 242-4277 today or request an appointment online. We offer FREE estimates on a new heating system, financing options, and will schedule your appointment promptly!

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What Are the Risks of Not Calling Professional HVAC Technicians?

While some homeowners may be tempted to take a do-it-yourself approach with their HVAC system installations and repairs, it’s not recommended. Professional HVAC technicians not only have the knowledge necessary to make skilled repairs, but they’re also better equipped for the task. Not using the right tools can cause more damage to your HVAC unit. HVAC systems are also highly technical and feature levels of electricity and refrigerants that should be avoided unless you’re a trained professional. It’s also tricky to know when a simple repair will suffice or if the entire unit needs to be replaced. What seems like a minor repair could end up being symptomatic of something far more significant. When it comes to HVAC system replacement, it can also be challenging to make the best decision without doing a ton of research. It’s usually a lot easier to have a brief consultation with our HVAC professionals!

Schedule HVAC Repair or Service in Manassas, VA Today

A new heat pump or furnace replacement can provide the comfortable environment and energy savings for which you’ve been searching in Manassas and surrounding areas of Northern Virginia. To learn more, please contact ARS/Rescue Rooter Virginia. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for a new HVAC system, including information about applicable tax rebates and financing options. In addition to HVAC units, we can also provide recommendations for humidifiers, air filters, and more. These items don’t usually cost much, but they offer substantial benefits for families with allergies, respiratory problems, or dry scalp and skin conditions caused by indoor air quality issues.

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