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Attic insulation plays a valuable role in temperature and humidity regulation inside your home, regardless of the weather outside. However, many homes have no attic insulation, aging attic insulation, or insufficient attic insulation to perform this important duty. If you think you may need new or additional attic insulation in Alexandria, VA, a professional evaluation can help you determine the best solution to improve home comfort and energy efficiency.

Inspect Your Attic

One of the simplest ways to determine whether your attic needs additional insulation is to perform a visual inspection. Visit your attic and take a look around, particularly at the floor. If there is no insulation at all present, it’s time to contact a professional about insulation installation for your attic. Even if you have insulation installed, if you can easily spot the individual wooden joists in the floor, chances are that your current insulation isn’t enough and additional insulation should be installed. You should also look at the walls and ceiling of your attic, as well as inspect the areas around vents or windows—if you can see daylight through cracks or feel air moving in any of these areas, you’ll also need to add insulation in these spaces as well.

Look at Your Current Insulation

Even if your attic is sufficiently insulated, the state of your current insulation will affect its ability to regulate your home’s indoor environment. If your insulation has suffered water damage from an attic leak, it should always be replaced with completely new insulation, as wet insulation loses efficiency and can serve as a breeding ground for mold and pests. Additionally, if your insulation has been damaged in any way, either by objects falling against it or by an animal or pest infestation that may have reached your attic, it should also be replaced with fresh insulation for safety and performance.

Examine Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Excessive heating and cooling bills can often indicate that your home’s current attic insulation is insufficient. If you’re paying more than you feel you should for home heating and cooling and your HVAC system is well maintained, insufficient attic insulation could be allowing heated or cooled air to easily escape the living areas of your home, rather than keeping conditioned air where you want it most. Especially if your home’s interior temperature seems to fluctuate drastically or you find yourself running your heating or cooling system excessively, it’s likely time to add new insulation to your attic for improved performance. An insulation professional can determine whether you simply need to add insulation in this case, or whether it may be best to replace all of your current insulation with a better product.

Attic insulation can be easy to overlook but plays a large part in helping your living space feel more comfortable and reducing your overall energy usage for a greener home. If you’d like more information about attic insulation in Alexandria, VA, please visit our website to read through our product information or contact a professional about an inspection or a free installation quote. You can also learn more about home heating and cooling and the factors that affect it when you look through the articles on our blog.

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