Blog Posts in September, 2016

Your Guide to Improving Attic Ventilation

Modern homes are tightly-sealed environments that minimize air exchange between indoor living spaces and the outside world beyond your doors and windows. While better air sealing improves HVAC ...
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A Look at Some of the Biggest Benefits of Mini-Split HVAC Systems

In the past, homeowners had two heating and cooling choices only: central forced air HVAC systems and window-mounted air conditioners. Today, a new choice is available: mini-split HVAC systems. These ...
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Solar Heating and Your Home

If your home includes an attic, you may not realize the impact this space has on your heating and cooling bills. However, passive attic heating occurs every day as the sun beats down on your roof, ...
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Exploring the Most Popular AC Systems

When it’s time to schedule new air conditioning installation for your Fairfax home, there are several popular air conditioning options that are worth considering. Taking the time to explore all ...
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