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Radiant Barrier Insulation in Your Attic Can Block up to 80% of the Sun’s Heat from Entering Your Home – and Can Improve Energy Bills All Year Long!

Your attic can become a sauna in the summer, reaching temperatures above 150 degrees. If there is no barrier between your hot attic and the rooms below, heat will transfer into those rooms of your home, creating the need for even more cool air to be created by your AC or heat pump. This results in more work for your HVAC equipment, as well as higher energy bills.

Radiant barrier insulation is a great solution to this problem. With this service from American Residential Services (ARS), radiant barrier spray is distributed to the underside of your roof. It can protect your home from 80% of the sun’s radiant heat, which means significant energy consumption and cost savings.

Maintain Your Manassas Home’s Climate Throughout the Year

In the winter, radiant barrier insulation has the opposite effect. Since warm air rises, a radiant barrier will actually prevent 80% of the heat in your home from dispersing into the outside air. This keeps more warmth in your home and results in greater efficiency by your heating system.

Radiant barriers can be applied to either new or existing roofs. One coat is typically all you’ll need to increase comfort and decrease monthly energy bills.

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