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Insulation Is the Simplest, Most Cost-Effective Way to Lower Your Manassas Home’s Energy Usage

Heated air naturally flows from a warm place to a cooler space. Therefore, in the winter, the air heated from your heating system will try to flow to an unheated garage, basement or attic. Conversely, in warmer months, heat will try to flow from the outdoors into the cool interior of the home. The majority of this heat transfer in homes takes place in the attic.

Improve the Comfort Level of Your Manassas, Virginia Home

It’s the role of insulation to prevent this unwanted circulation throughout your home. Combined with proper ventilation and a radiant barrier, proper insulation helps your home maintain a comfortable, uniform temperature throughout the year with significantly less use of heating and cooling systems. As a bonus, insulation can also act as a sound absorber, to help make your home quieter.

The same holds true for your attic. By not having proper attic insulation, warm air will flow up into it and remain. This results in more energy having to be converted to heat for your family’s needs in the house. The same is true in the summer. If you don’t have proper insulating in the attic, cool air generated will flow up into the attic where it is not needed. This results in the need for more cold air to be created, which results in greater energy usage.

Energy Efficient Solutions For Your Manassas Home

Insulating the attic is one of the greatest investments you could make to conserve energy. Warm or cold air generated by your heating and cooling system will remain in your home instead of dispersing to locations where the comfortable air is not needed. In addition, attic insulation will help to preserve warm air in your home for longer periods of time, rather than dispersing it outside.

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