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Simple Changes to Your Attic Can Save You Money Every Month

Your attic is not simply a place to store seasonal items, heating, and cooling equipment, or other materials. It’s actually designed to provide your home protection against extreme heat, cold and moisture. However, to do this properly without big problems, your attic should be properly ventilated and insulated. If done correctly, your attic could actually save you money every month by conserving warmth in the winter to heat your home, and block out extreme heat in the summer so your cooling system(s) don’t have to work as hard.

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Efficient Attic System Services in Manassas, Virginia

Efficient attic insulation relies on the following areas:

Attic Insulation: If you want warm or cold air generated by your heating and cooling system to stay in your home, instead of dispersing into your attic, proper attic insulation is a necessity.

Attic Ventilation: Proper attic ventilation using such things as attic fans could prevent expensive damage to your home.

Radiant Barrier: A spray that can prevent 80% of the sun’s radiant heat from entering your attic in the summer, as well as up to 80% of the warmth generated by your heating system from escaping your home through the attic in the winter.

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