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Through the ARS Cares program, ARS of Manassas is honored to have been able to help these deserving members of our community.

ARS Cares April 2019 Winner – Jose R. of Woodbridge, VA

Jose Reyes came to the United States in the 1980s because of crime and civil war in his country. Now a US citizen, Jose and his wife have worked hard to make a great like here for themselves, their children, and their six grandchildren. A burst pipe this winter that cause their basement to flood left the family with little savings, and no money to fix their 16-year-old HVAC system when it stopped working.

ARS Cares August 2018 Winner – Kika G. of Manassas, VA

Kika, a single mother of two, was already working three jobs to help put her daughter through college when her HVAC system unexpectedly quit working. Several failed attempts to get the unit fixed through her home warranty company, left Kika suffering in the heat all summer.

ARS Cares April 2018 Winner – Pamela B. of Nokesville, VA

A new home with an old HVAC unit left Pam, a single mother of two sons, struggling to afford her electric bills this winter. After one of her sons needed an unexpected surgery, Pam was forced to turn-off her HVAC heating unit and rely only on space heaters to keep her family warm.

Pamela and her two sons moved into their new home in September 20107, excited to be close enough to the boys’ school for them to ride the school bus home. Unfortunately, less than a month after moving in their HVAC system begin to have trouble. When cold weather arrived, high electric bills coupled with unexpected medical bills, forced Pam to cut off her HVAC unit and rely only on space heaters.

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