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In the past, homeowners had two heating and cooling choices only: central forced air HVAC systems and window-mounted air conditioners. Today, a new choice is available: mini-split HVAC systems. These HVAC solutions don’t require central air ducts or an air handler, but can provide heating and cooling to several rooms for greater convenience than multiple window-mounted appliances. Whether you’re looking for a better way to heat and cool a larger portion of your home, considering adding heating and cooling to a previously unconditioned space such as a basement or garage, or preparing to build a home addition and need a heating and cooling solution for this new space, mini-split HVAC systems could offer the environmental control you need in a cost-effective and energy-efficient package.

Flexible Heating and Cooling

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are a flexible solution that is appropriate in a variety of home situations. Mini-split systems don’t require ductwork, but need only a small hole just a few inches in diameter, through which cabling is passed to transfer coolant from the condenser to one or more individual air handling units inside your home. These systems are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to use a single condenser to maintain the temperature and humidity you want in multiple rooms in your home. Because these HVAC appliances require no ducts, they can be used in any area of your home regardless of its location, including basements, attics, garages, and interior rooms. The system’s air handling units can be installed in a variety of locations, including walls and ceilings, for both convenience and aesthetics. Furthermore, because ductless systems are available as air conditioners or heat pumps, you can choose a system for either cooling alone or heating and cooling for greater convenience and savings.

Energy-Efficient Function

Ductless mini-split systems offer considerable energy efficiency through zoned heating and cooling. Unlike central forced air systems, which deliver air to every room in your home through your ducts, each air handling unit associated with your mini-split system can be used to create an individual zone for temperature control. These units and can be turned on and off easily when you enter or exit the room, allowing you to heat and cool only the rooms you are currently using. This solution reduces the load on the condenser, also reducing the cost of indoor climate control for energy and financial savings. While mini-split air conditioners will provide cost-effective cooling during the summer only, installing a mini-split heat pump system allows you to enjoy extremely efficient heating and cooling for excellent temperature control regardless of the temperature outside or the time of year.

Mini-split HVAC systems can change the way you think about home heating and cooling in Fairfax. If you’d like to learn more about your home HVAC options and how we can help you choose the right system for your needs, please visit our website for more details about the products we carry. You can also stay up to date on the latest heating and cooling news and tips via our online blog.

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