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The summer months bring great weather for enjoying the outdoor activities Northern Virginia and Washington DC have to offer, but they also bring extremely high temperatures with great amounts of humidity. Suffering through these months with a broken air conditioning unit can be uncomfortable, to say the least.

While you may not think about your air conditioning system in the winter or early spring, performing preventive air conditioner maintenance in the cooler months can help save you every month with lower utility bills, as well as decrease the risk of expensive air conditioning repair in the future.

So what are some important tasks our skilled and highly trained service technicians will do when performing your air conditioner maintenance?

1. We will clean or replace your A/C's air filters regularly. Keeping the filter clean can lower your energy bill, and will help maintain the health and lifespan of the air conditioner. You should clean or replace these filters every two months while the air conditioner is in use.

2. We will clean and inspect your A/C's condenser coil, located on the outside unit that houses the compressor. It can collect dust and debris, which can usually just be dusted off by hand, and should be cleaned as often as needed.

3. We will clean and inspect your A/C's evaporator coil, which is usually located directly above the blower motor in the indoor unit. This coil should be inspected and cleaned annually by a professional and with a commercial AC coil cleaner.

Before the hot weather hits, test your air conditioner by running it for about 20 minutes. If there's anything you feel may not be operating properly, call ARS. We provide air conditioner maintenance in Fairfax, Manassas or any Northern Virginia city.

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